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After settling into life at The Chimes, Alice’s family suggested a dog could be a good companion for her in her new apartment.

Pet friendly retirement community UK

“We used to live in Cheadle and my son, Carl, would walk past the site on his way to visit us when these apartments were being built. He thought we would be interested in one of them, so he kept mentioning them.”

Alice and her husband Stuart had been life-long dog-lovers, so when Alice’s family found out that well-behaved pets are welcome in Adlington Retirement Living communities, they suggested that a four legged friend could keep her company in her apartment at The Chimes.

“Do you know, we’ve been married all those years and Stuart and I have never really been without a dog. The little Chihuahua that I’ve got now is five years old. She’s lovely. My great granddaughter named her Luna. We’ve had her about three months now. She’s beautiful. I just wish Stuart had been here to see her because he loved his dogs.”

The team at Adlington Retirement Living know that animals are often part of the family and can see how the companionship pets provide can be invaluable and can make a really positive impact on Homeowners’ lives.

“Ah, she’s gorgeous. I love her to pieces. Having the dog, it helps a little bit. It gives you a bit of comfort, you know. And the staff and everybody, they are wonderful. They’re lovely, every single one. I’ve got no complaints at all. I’m really happy that I moved now. It really is lovely here. I’ve got a balcony and I’ve got plants out on it. Everybody here is there for you. They’re lovely. All the managers and all the staff, they are lovely. They are wonderful. I feel very fortunate to be here.”

The Chimes_Cheadle_Retirement_Living

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