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How do Adlington Communities Support Independence After Retirement?

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19th Jan Lifestyle

How do Adlington Communities Support Independence After Retirement?

Adlington retirement communities are designed to help all our homeowners continue to live the way they want to – without having to make compromises to their lifestyles. We believe that maintaining independence is a major part of this.

Getting older can be difficult, and many of the people we talk to every day tell us that they value staying independent for as long as they can. Despite this, many older people start to feel less independent over time and concerns over their future care becomes a burden – leading them to stop doing the things they love, spending too much time worrying about the little things. At Adlington, we support independence after retirement by taking away some of those worries. 

What Does Independence After Retirement Mean? 

Being independent in your life is not a simple definition. Most people would say that they are independent, and it can be hard to admit to struggling to keep it that way. However, you can probably claim an independent lifestyle if you: 

  • Continue doing the things you love whenever you choose
  • Don’t worry about maintenance 
  • Have an active social life 
  • Feel safe and secure whether at home or with your neighbours
  • Feel free to leave your home empty for as long as you like when travelling.

Unfortunately, however, too many retired people are no longer doing some or all of these things but don’t always realise it. Adlington communities help to maintain your independence after retirement through enabling all of the above. 

Be Independent And As Active as You Like 

Adlington communities support the independence of our homeowners by being just that – a community. We create places to spend time with your friends, family and neighbours; where you can enjoy being part of a warm and welcoming environment that fosters your independence. If you have particular interests, our team can help you to continue with them and share them with neighbours in your new Adlington community.

For example, our teams can help you organise events, perhaps talks on your favourite hobbies or classes in the Activities Studio. Being independent and still having an active life is easier when there are people around you to help, and this isn’t just the on-site team – it’s also the community of other homeowners. When you move in, they’ll be keen to get to know you and be involved with the things you like to do.  It’s never too late to make new friends is it?

A Lifestyle With Fewer Worries

Adlington communities have a team on-site 24/7. This means that whatever you need to ensure your independence, we are there for you. Our teams exist to make your life in an Adlington community as enjoyable as possible and with fewer worries. Whether you need help with little tasks, or you just want someone to check-in on you on a regular basis, Adlington’s on-site team are there for you.  

Lock Up And Leave 

One particularly important part of staying independent is to feel confident that you can just lock up and leave your property without worrying. Travel and exploring is a major part of feeling independent. When you live in an Adlington community, you can go on any trips and holidays you might have been putting off, without worrying. Your property is always safe, with on-site teams and secure access to the building meaning you are free to travel and enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge that your property secure.

Find out more about our communities in our Lifestyle section or you can request a brochure.

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