Decluttering and downsizing

What support is available?

Moving home and downsizing can be challenging at any stage of life. It might be to save money, because you need a smaller space, or to be nearer to family members. Of course, moving can be even more difficult when you’ve lived in your home for many years.

In your current home, you’ll likely have accumulated spare bedroom furniture, clutter, important keepsakes, extra clothing and more. You’ll also have sentimental items like family heirlooms, birth certificates, photo albums and other documents that you need to keep safe when you downsize your home.

That’s why we work with The Senior Move Partnership to take the hassle, stress, and worry away. The whole moving process can be taken care of on your behalf, leaving you to look forward to settling into your new home in a beautiful retirement living community.

A helping hand

We offer all customers a free two-hour consultation with a professional moving advisor and additional support can be arranged if more help is required. They can offer downsizing tips, advice on moving your current furniture and more, to help you with a stress-free move.

Whether you want to work together and organise one room at a time, or just need extra help clearing the loft or garage storage space, The Senior Move Partnership will write lists of what you’d like to go where and then make it all happen. They can help decide what to get rid of, choose which boxes to pack and advise on how to start decluttering.

Moving day

Then on moving day the team can even help unpack and set up your new Adlington apartment for you.

So, you get used to your new space, get to know the local community and start experiencing all the benefits of living in a luxury independent retirement community.

We’re here to answer
any questions

Downsizing or moving from the family home can be a difficult process at any stage of life.

We’re here to help make the process easier, and on hand for any questions you or your family may have.

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