Stories from our homeowners

John and Marcia

John and Marcia had been looking for a bungalow until they heard about The Cottons. They quickly decided the beautiful apartments, stunning gardens and friendly community were just what they were looking for. “We met when I was playing bowls in a park and Marcia was with her friends,” said John. “I was 24 and […]

Pam and Mike (and Honey the dog)

When Pam and Mike started looking at retirement communities, finding somewhere pet-friendly was an absolute must. Pam and Mike met for a drink in...

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Why retirement living

Philip and Edna

Philip and Edna’s daughters were worried about their parents and wanted to make sure that help would always be on hand if they ever...

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Pauline and her daughter Gill

“I was a long way away from my daughter. Moving gave both myself and my daughter Gill a great peace of mind! I can...

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Bess had never considered living in a retirement community, but since moving to The Woodlands in June 2022, she has been enjoying a better...

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John and Marcia

John and Marcia had been looking for a bungalow until they heard about The Cottons. They quickly decided the beautiful apartments, stunning gardens and...

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Downsizing maintenance free

John and Jean

John and Jean were finding their five bedroom house and big garden difficult to maintain. They wanted to spend less time and energy on...

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Pet friendly retirement community UK


After settling into life at The Chimes, Alice’s family suggested a dog could be a good companion for her in her new apartment. “We...

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The Folds Romiley retirement apartments


Audrey Davey wanted a fresh start in a new apartment with a friendly community. Originally from Norfolk, Audrey moved to the area in the...

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Sheffield retirement living

Nigel and his daughter Maria

Nigel moved to Jacobs Gate in December 2020. His children, Maria and David, wanted to make sure he would be happy in his new...

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Dog friendly retirement community


Moving to a retirement community with a canine companion At just six months old, Poppy is the youngest resident of Jacobs Gate, Adlington Retirement...

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Sheffield retirement community homeowner


Anne wanted to join a thriving community and be closer to her family in Sheffield. Originally from Denton in Greater Manchester, Anne spent three...

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After a major life event in February 2019, Edna wanted to move to an apartment with a friendly community and some practical support. Edna...

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Bill and Joan

“We weren’t getting older, the neighbours were getting younger!” Joan and her husband Bill wanted to live life to the full without the worries...

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Ann and Harry

Ann and Harry moved to The Sidings in December 2022 and were married on Ann’s 80th birthday in February 2023. Ann said: “We’ve known...

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John and Margaret

Before moving to The Woodlands in May 2022, John and Margaret had lived in their family house in Heald Green for 47 years. They...

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Tim and Angela

When Tim and Angela moved to The Spindles in May 2023, they looked forward to having support on hand whenever they need it and...

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Stockport retirees

Pat and Michael

Being surrounded by a wonderful group of friends and supportive staff has exceeded Michael and Pat’s expectations since they moved to The Woodlands in...

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Well-being Dr Trevor

Dr Trevor

Since moving to The Sidings in April, Trevor has enjoyed becoming part of a thriving community. “I’m more socially active here than I have...

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The Bridges Macclesfield Homeowners

Eddie and Mabel

Eddie and Mabel love walking in the great outdoors. They wanted less hilly terrain to explore, a beautiful view, lovely gardens and more free...

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Joyce wanted to continue to enjoy an independent and active retirement, safe in the knowledge that additional care is available for the future. Joyce...

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