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Moving made easy

When you purchase a home with Adlington we’ll do everything we can to make your move as easy as possible.

We're here to help make your move go smoothly, from assisting in managing your sale to providing a home demonstration for your new apartment including how to operate such things as the heating and hot water systems.

"I fell in love with my apartment and have settled in a lot quicker than I thought, I love it. The thoughtfulness and kindness that went into the moving-in process for me was the biggest appreciation."

Mrs Harrison

Next steps

If you have an existing property to sell, we can help to make the process easier for you.

We can, if you wish, suggest a suitable estate agent, arrange a valuation on your behalf, and actively co-ordinate the sale of your property by liaising with all the different parties. Save yourself the potential worry of dealing with a complicated sale and let us take care of the details.

Or why not consider a part exchange?

See below for further details


Deciding what to keep and packing possessions can be emotionally and physically draining. We work closely with Senior Move Partnership, a specialist company who offer services to take the stress, hard work and worry out of moving home in later life, and can alleviate these pressures with their one to one support.

"They say moving house is the third most stressful thing in your life. Although mine was like a well-oiled wheel with the support I received, when you look back, it was quite a worrying time. But now being settled in a stress free environment with no need for maintenance - I’ve certainly never for one second regretted moving to Adlington"

Mrs Smith

Getting set up

We offer a range of complimentary services on every new Adlington purchase.

This can include a handyman to help you get your apartment set up the way you like it, a personal clerk to handle your paperwork and a luxury welcome pack to help you get settled in on arrival. You’ll even be treated to a meal in our on site restaurant on your move in day, as well as a voucher for lunch for you and your friends to use once you're comfortable in your new home.

"Going back to the day when we moved in; what other move do you get trays of coffee brought to you? Instead of us making it ourselves to give to the removers – so just the whole feel that you are not on your own is really lovely. And when we see other people moving in we say ‘go and see the Adlington team – they are very helpful!’"

Mr & Mrs Lowe

Part exchange

If you’re looking to make your move to your new apartment even quicker and easier, you may wish to consider a part exchange offer.

When you choose to part exchange, all the uncertainty is taken away - you don’t have to worry about finding a buyer for your existing property, or pay any fees to an estate agent. The process can move very quickly, so that you can be settled in to your new home quicker than you may ever have imagined.

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The part exchange company that we will recommend consider most types of residential property for a part exchange, whether they have a higher or lower value than our apartments. A survey will be completed and you will be given a fair part exchange offer and if agreed, will enable you to be in your new home within weeks.


“I had always thought I would move home in the future but when I came to look at Adlington I thought this is the future. The day I moved in I sat out on my balcony and thought this is absolute bliss – and I have never stopped thinking that.”

Read more. Mrs Burgess
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