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Caring team

Tailored care as much or as little as required

When you purchase an Adlington home you will have access to round-the-clock support from a dedicated team of specialists. Whatever your needs, the 24 hour on site staff are there to look out for your wellbeing, offering tailored support that enables you to maintain your quality of life. It’s completely flexible, so should you find that your requirements change in the future, the discreet care team will be able to accommodate and support you.

All apartments are fitted with a 24 hour emergency call system linked directly to the on site team. Even though you may not feel in need of care at the moment, the support is always there in the background giving you and your family comfort that in the event of an unexpected trip or fall help would be immediately to hand. This sophisticated call system not only covers your own private apartment but the entire building and gardens, for added peace of mind.

Our personal approach to care ensures that you receive just the right amount to maintain your independence, allowing you to enjoy your retirement to the full.

A significant number of retired doctors have chosen an Adlington apartment for their own future, illustrating the high regard in which our extra care concept is held by health professionals.  In fact, at one of our recent developments 13 doctors chose themselves to buy there!


“I had always thought I would move home in the future but when I came to look at Adlington I thought this is the future. The day I moved in I sat out on my balcony and thought this is absolute bliss – and I have never stopped thinking that.”

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