Avoid a ‘winter of discontent’

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25th Oct Communities

With the number of people aged 60 or more set to triple in the next 35 years. There is a rapidly growing need for properties suitable for retirees who want to enjoy their independence and quality of life.

One specialist in the sector, Adlington – is due to open its latest development, exclusively for the over 60s, at Moorside Road, Urmston this November. It says that there is a pressing need for more independent living homes to be built. Claire Reede, Marketing Manager for Adlington said: ‘It is often reported that there is a chronic shortage of homes for first-time buyers and second steppers. But often properties for those in retirement fall into the shadows. These statistics demonstrate that housing provision for the older generations can no longer be ignored. And that is exactly why we have a pipeline of developments in place to cater for the inevitable increase in demand, both now and as we move further into the future’.

‘Retirement housing has an increasingly positive image, as well as offering residents the cost savings and comfort benefits of the latest construction technology. I’m pleased that independent retirement living has, at last, shaken off its somewhat tarnished image. Today, we know that purchasers of our apartments can enjoy many benefits. These include an enhanced standard of living, complete flexibility and an altogether better quality of life as they grow older.’

‘Another factor that has seen developments come into their own is that when compared with ageing homes, the construction and design of the buildings are more efficient. Using modern methods of construction, new-build developments are built with energy efficiency, thermal insulation and reduced noise levels in mind. They are also individually metered, meaning that residents can relax in the comfort of their warm apartments and feel assured that hefty bills won’t be arriving unexpectedly. And this is something that couldn’t be more timely now that the clocks are due to go back at the weekend and the temperatures are falling.’

‘For many of us, living longer is almost a certainty, but how we choose to live our life and where is a matter of personal choice. There is certainly a place for independent living developments and they offer tremendous benefits. So as the nights begin to draw in and the temperatures plummet, let’s hope that more older home owners will be able to brace themselves for a winter filled with independence, social interaction and care when they need it. And not a winter of discontent.’

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