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16th Dec Lifestyle

Enjoy a warm welcome this winter

The festive season is approaching and with that comes a mixed bag of emotions. For some, it’s an exciting time to celebrate with friends and family. For others, it may be a quiet time to reflect and remember. Whatever your plans at this time of year, our vibrant retirement communities offer a warm welcome to make you feel at home. Since moving to The Woodlands, Pat and Michael have enjoyed making new friends and socialising.

Pat said “There’s a real sense of community. Everybody’s so nice to each other. There’s nothing I don’t like about living here.”

Michael said: “We knew we’d enjoy it, but we didn’t think it was going to be as good as this. It’s everything that I expected and more.”

For Jane, the main draw of moving to The Sidings in November last year was the prospect of being part of an active community. “When you’ve had a very happy marriage and been with somebody all your life and then suddenly find yourself on your own, coming to a retirement community like this definitely helps.

“I have lunch in the restaurant every day apart from Tuesdays and Fridays. And we have a wonderful coffee lounge. It’s where we commune. When I go down there, I don’t come back up for four hours. I’ve made so many new friends. I call them my family now.” Jane, homeowner

When you move to an Adlington Retirement Living community, your friends and family will be made to feel welcome whenever they come to visit

Pat and Michael’s daughter Michelle and their grandson are regular visitors to The Woodlands.

“It’s like being on a cruise ship. There’s a real sense of community and Mum and Dad have made so many friends already. They have a five o’clock club, they meet for lunch.” Michelle, homeowners daughter

“It’s always so nice to come and visit because not only do we go and visit them in their apartment, but we also go into the restaurant for lunch or have a coffee in the lounge too. My son loves making us all cappuccinos. When we sit down in the communal area and other homeowners come and join us, we see a different side to my parents.

“Last Christmas was really good. Normally we either go to my house or my sister’s. Dad was so excited. It was amazing. For years we’ve talked about going out for dinner and Mum’s never been keen on it, but last year we weren’t going out for dinner, we were eating in their extended home, with no washing up. The staff were just delightful, they are like members of the family.

“In February we celebrated my dad’s 85th birthday in the restaurant with eight of us. We all had starters, a main course and dessert. We put balloons at the table, and it was brilliant because we didn’t have the hassle of having to book somewhere to go out. Coordinating it was simple.”

Harry and Ann, who moved to The Sidings, have enjoyed a whole host of visitors coming to visit them and staying in the on-site guest suite.

Always ready to welcome family and friends, the guest suite means you don’t have to lift a finger and you can all enjoy breakfast together in the restaurant the following morning, just like a quality hotel.

Harry said: “We’ve had two of our friends from the old U3A in the Wirral. One of my colleagues from the band and his wife stayed here for a couple of days. Both of my sons have been for a few days. Your friend Karen when it was the festival. They all loved staying in the guest suite.”

Planning for the weeks ahead

Our on-site Adlington Management Services team are busy planning and organising special events and activities in the run up to the festive season. From festive wreath making, carol singing
and special festive menu’s, there’s so much to celebrate and a warm welcome guaranteed for homeowners, their families and friends.

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