Decluttering and downsizing

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12th Jan General

Moving home and downsizing can be daunting, that’s why we have partnered with The Senior Move Partnership to take the hassle and worry away. The whole moving process can be taken care of, leaving you to look forward to settling into your new home.

We offer all our customers a free two-hour consultation with a professional moving advisor. We will set up an initial consultation and they can work with you to create a bespoke plan of support based on personal needs.

Many of our customers take advantage of our free two-hour consultation, some also choose to engage further with The Senior Move Partnership and discuss the options they can provide.*

How The Senior Move Partnership may further help you:
  • Prepare the existing home for the move such as helping sort and downsize belongings
  • Preparing inventories of all belongings detailing their destination point (auction, new home, family etc)
  • Prepare the new home such as arranging for new curtains to be made
  • Unpack and set up your new apartment – specialist unpacking throughout as required


*Any additional hours of support from TSMP will be at a cost to you.
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