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Downsizing and upgrading

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5th Dec General
Downsizing doesn’t have to be drastic

A new trend for ‘midsizing’ is emerging in the retirement living market.

Whilst downsizing to one and two-bedroom apartments remains a popular choice for retired homeowners, three-bedroom apartments are in more demand than ever before according to a retirement living specialist.

Adlington Retirement Living, which designs, develops and operates retirement living communities in the North West and Yorkshire, has seen a sharp increase in enquiries from retired homeowners looking for three-bedroom apartments.

Alexandra Johnson, Sales and Marketing Director for Adlington Retirement Living, said: “All of our three-bedroom apartments have sold out at our retirement living communities in Macclesfield, Cheadle, Romiley and Sheffield. In fact, we’ve sold 91% of our three-bedroom apartments in total.

“Many of our homeowners move from large family homes because they don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a big house and garden anymore. However, they do want a spacious apartment with one or two spare rooms. In some cases, they use the additional rooms for hobbies or a home office.”

Joan, who moved to The Chimes in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, with her husband Bill in 2019 said: “If there hadn’t been a three bedroomed apartment here, we wouldn’t have come. I sew a lot, I do a lot of patchwork – I need my ironing board, my sewing machine and boxes of material. Bill loves reading and likes all his books around him, so he has his man cave and then the rest of the house is for both of us. We love it. It’s great.”

Cheadle homeowners

Alexandra Johnson adds: “Moving house is something that you want to be excited about. You may be downsizing in terms of square footage when you move from a large family home to an apartment in a retirement living community, but in some respects, you may be upgrading. We put a lot of work into designing our apartments and communal areas to make them elegant and aspirational and we hear a great deal of positive feedback from our Homeowners about the improvement in their quality of life once they move.”

Lisa and Mark, whose parents recently moved to Jacobs Gate in Sheffield explained: “‘Tannenbaum’ had been our parents’ home for almost forty-four years and we knew it would be an emotional transition. To make it easier, we needed to find a new home that would make them excited about moving. Adlington’s Jacobs Gate was discovered early on, and nothing could be found that matched our excitement of seeing our parents move there. The apartments provided the continued independence they desired, but also provided them, as well as us, the comfort of knowing help was on site , which it wouldn’t be they were to remain living alone.

“We had our parents visit Jacobs Gate and, to our delight, they immediately fell in love with the community and the three-bedroom, top floor apartment they were looking to buy. We are absolutely delighted that our parents are now living in luxury, with incredibly caring staff, and we cannot recommend it highly enough. It is their new “Tannenbaum”!”.

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