Retirement Living Myths – Part One

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13th Jun General

Fact or fiction – you decide

With the increasing emergence of retirement living properties across the UK and, broadly speaking, a misunderstanding of what that actually means as a later life option, we’ve looked at some of the misconceptions to help offer a more balanced view.

Perception: Moving to a retirement community takes away your choices and independence.

Adlington communities are developed on the foundation of helping our homeowners maintain their independence for longer, by giving them greater choice as to how they want to live their lives. No longer burdened with the worries of maintaining a large home, rightsizing to a property more manageable and thoughtfully designed can improve the quality of later life and open us up new opportunities. Whilst there are socialising spaces and activities if you want to use them, you can choose to spend time in your private apartment, just like you would a house.

Perception: OK, but surely that future independence is expensive?

Calculating the expenditure you currently have on buildings insurance, water rates, window cleaning, gardening services, exterior maintenance and even socialising in local coffee shops, can help build that context. Those expenses are included in what’s covered in our monthly service charge, and conveniently we take away the hassle of organising all the hard work, leaving you to enjoy more quality time.

Then, add to that, remedial work carried out to keep your property saleable. Organisations like CheckaTrade and Experian recommend 1% of the property value is invested each year.

Rightsizing to a more appropriately sized apartment also brings with it lower Council Tax and reduced energy bills.

Finally, what price would you put on complete peace of mind knowing there is an on-site team, on your doorstep 24-7, 365 days a year should you need them. Plus, not, having to leave the building for a hair appointment in winter or a therapy/beauty session, and alongside that regular activities and social events to keep you connected, preventing the isolation that so often results in later life and the opportunity to make new friends and grow your support network.

Perception: I wouldn’t be happy living in an apartment when I’ve enjoyed a larger property for most of my life.

Moving to an apartment can seem daunting, especially if you‘ve never lived in one before. However, it does come with benefits that can often outweigh the negatives.

Take a look around your home and calculate how much of the space you actually use on a daily basis. In an apartment you’ll still have a fully-fitted kitchen, a lounge, dining area, bedroom(s), storage and better still a level-access shower room and possibly an en-suite. If you want guests to stay over, you can book the Guest Suite, which is just like a hotel room. If you want to entertain guests, the on-site restaurant serves daily meals and can be booked for private dining, as can the heated summerhouse. Friends are welcome to join you in your private apartment as they would in your current home, and they are also welcome to socialise with you in the restaurant, coffee lounge and gardens.

When considering the space you think you are giving up, it helps to frame the change as moving from a large house you are wholly responsible for, to an apartment that is more easily manageable, allowing us look after spaces across the rest of the community that you and your loved ones can freely enjoy as you choose.

And, once you’ve chosen to make the move, you will have gone through a process of decluttering, only moving what you deem needed for your new life chapter. Our moving made easy services can help you with that, so it isn’t overwhelming.


Perception: Retirement apartments don’t sell, and the fees charged are high.

We want all of our homeowners to feel reassured that when it’s time to sell their apartment it will be within a community that is kept at the same high standard that it was at point of initial purchase. By ringfencing a percentage of the sale value, you can feel reassured that the value of that apartment will be protected, and it will still appeal to buyers looking for a pre-loved property in their chosen community. Be careful though, not all retirement companies commit to this continual improvement.

Plus we offer a resales service through Adlington Estates so you can make the most of our expertise in the retirement sector.

Find out more about whether retirement living could be a good option for you or a loved one in this feature.

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