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14th Oct General
Maintaining a home can start to feel like a full-time job, especially at this time of year. When damaged roofs require attention, gutters and drainpipes need to be cleaned, chimneys swept, mossy paths cleared and leaves raked, the prospect of winter maintenance can all feel a little overwhelming. For many of our Homeowners at Adlington Retirement Living communities, the appeal of leaving all of that behind, was one of the reasons they decided to move.

A number of factors influenced Jean and Bill’s decision to move to The Chimes in Cheadle. Jean explains: “The fact that it was a large house, the fact that it needed repairs. It was becoming my responsibility to make sure that everything was ok. I noticed the guttering, for example, and then if anybody needed to go up a ladder, it would be me. We were in that house for 46 and a half years. We loved it but all these reasons made us think about moving.”

One of Jean’s new neighbours, Joyce had been living in a bungalow before she moved to The Chimes. She points out: “I think it’s important that you recognise the signs when you are aging. When you are slowing down and things become difficult, it’s important to move before that, otherwise you can get beyond moving.” A desire for more ‘me time’ and less maintenance was one of the reasons that John and Jean decided to move to The Sailings in Southport.

“We were living in a massive five-bedroom, two-bathroom house and it was just getting too much for Jean” says John, now 85. “I couldn’t do much and she was doing all the work. She didn’t realise but she would come in of a night and she was exhausted.”

When the couple painted the exterior of their house, two years before they moved, it had cost them £5,000 due to the size of the house and the scaffolding required. Even the indoor cleaning was hard to maintain with eight-foot-high ceilings. The maintenance of the house and garden was becoming a full-time job and left them with no time or energy to do anything else.

Jean comments: “There was always something to do. I didn’t want to be tied to the house. I wanted to go out and do things.” John adds: “It’s better for both of us here. We should have moved years ago.”

When you move into an Adlington Retirement Living apartment, you no longer have to worry about external repairs or maintenance. The buildings, communal areas, and facilities are maintained to an exceptionally high standard, as are the beautiful, landscaped gardens.

When Eddie and Mabel moved to The Bridges in Macclesfield, they looked forward to spending a bit less time and energy on house maintenance. Eddie explains: “Once we decided, we realised the benefits of not maintaining a house because I’ve spent my life maintaining everything. We’ve always been DIY people and once we’d taken the dog for a walk, we’d set about doing a job.”
Mabel agrees: “Eddie’s installed heating in houses and all sorts of things but we just can’t do that now. He’s not allowed up ladders! We’ve got so much more leisure time now to do what we want to do.”

A sentiment that is echoed by John and Marcia, who are enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about maintenance since moving into The Cottons in Ramsbottom.”

Marcia summed it up perfectly: “Our two sons think we have made the right move. I actually love it. I feel like I’m on my holidays!”

Come and see for yourself

If you would like to discover more about Adlington Retirement Living, a range of beautifully furnished show apartments are open to view Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

The Sailings, Southport
The Cottons, Ramsbottom
The Folds, Romiley
Jacobs Gate, Sheffield
The Woodlands, Heaton Mersey


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