Happy Mother’s Day!

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24th Mar General

With Mother’s Day this Sunday we share how mums, grandmothers and all the special women at ARL communities are enjoying their new lease of life.

Less maintenance more ‘me time’

With Spring now in bloom, enjoy the fresh air and venture outside, relax with a book in the sun or potter in the garden.

“We don’t have any worries. I have an apartment with a lovely garden in front of it which the gardener comes and manages but I can put my little cyclamen bulbs in. We go around dead-heading, but we haven’t got that major responsibility anymore. You can back off if you don’t feel like it today, worry-free gardening you haven’t got to do it and that’s lovely.” Joan, Homeowner.

“The gardens are beautiful here. We had a lovely garden and I will miss it, but I also knew that when this year came, I probably couldn’t go on doing it. Now, I feel like a lady of leisure – being waited on and not having to do a lot. We’ve got so much more leisure time to do what we want to do.” Mabel, Homeowner.

Getting together with family & friends

Whether it’s meeting up for coffee in the lounge with friends or taking the time to explore a new hobby, you can take life at your own pace.

Moving here is the best thing I’ve done because I can talk to people, I can get out and about or go for a walk around the garden if I want to. I love it here.” Audrey, Homeowner.

“Here, you can have your privacy. You have your own apartment. You’ve got lots of people around, lots of activities, lots of fun. I think having that choice is such a big thing and you can take part in activities one day and then have time to yourself the next. It’s a perfect situation. I can highly recommend it!” Joan, Homeowner.

Pamper yourself

Stretch out in our yoga classes or relax and enjoy a pamper in the hair salon.

“I had my hair cut in our salon here last week and I’ll be having it cut once a month. I have regular massages in the therapy room too.” Edna, Homeowner.

“I think some people have a perception of retirement communities, sitting around and doing nothing. That couldn’t be further from the truth here. I go to Physiofit every week and I have started chair yoga. I go to the hairdressing salon every week. I’ve made some really good friends here.” Joyce, Homeowner

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