The long cold winter months can prove to be quite a challenge to many people

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18th Oct Communities

Trying to keep the house warm can be a problem in itself and for many there is the added concern of being cut off from family and friends by the winter weather conditions. The worry of slips and falls on icy surfaces can make the prospect of a trip to the shops seem an impossibility.

This certainly won’t be the case at Adlington House on Moorside Road, Urmston where new homeowners will soon be reaping the benefits of an energy efficient new home with their friends and neighbours around them.

Excellent insulation and the latest energy-saving devices help to make Adlington apartments up to four times more energy efficient than a traditional home, keeping homeowners snug and warm whatever the weather.

The bonus is that the neighbours form a community of like-minded people all enjoying the freedom to spend time with each other or retire to the privacy of their own apartment as and when they wish.

A fresh alternative to care

A new apartment at Adlington House offers a fresh alternative to a move into a conventional retirement complex or even a residential care home and are designed to ensure that people don’t have to sacrifice their independence to get a little extra care. Not only do homeowners benefit from spacious apartments, but also have the option to enjoy the well-appointed communal lounge, spa suite and hair salon, all without even stepping outside.   A table service restaurant is also to hand, offering a selection of well-balanced nutritious lunchtime meals at sensible prices.

For added peace of mind, MHA (Methodist Homes), a registered charity who are specialist care providers with over 70 years’ experience, have a dedicated 24-hour on site team who are only too happy to assist.

In recognition that care requirements may vary in the future, the level of support can also be altered to meet needs, as circumstances change. From help with cleaning and shopping to more specialist care, a wide range of support is always available.

Conveniently located

Set in tranquil landscaped gardens and within walking distance of local shops, Adlington House is also conveniently placed to take advantage of the excellent transport links in the area. A complimentary minibus will run regularly for homeowners, a must on those cold wintry days.

Apartments for sale

Prospective buyers who want to learn more about Adlington House, should contact our Marketing Suite on 0161 747 8256, don’t wait until the winter bites. Prices of apartments range between £104,250 and £327,500.

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