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13th Jun Well-being

Search for “Miles without Stiles” to find a range of easily accessible pathways devoid of stiles, steps, or steep inclines which offer access to stunning views. Here are some of our favourites.

Dovedale, Peak district

A well-loved outing along the picturesque River Dove leading to its renowned Stepping Stones at the base of Thorpe Cloud.

Click here for the Dovedale route


Gordale Scar, Yorkshire Dales

A straightforward pathway leading to the imposing cliffs of Gordale Scar.

Click here for the Gordale Scar route


Ellswater, Lake district

Experience a breathtaking linear hike, encompassing lakeside meadows, and a thundering waterfall.

Click here for the Ellswater route

Homeowners across our communities have been getting their steps in too. Dr Trevor homeowner at The Sidings enjoys keeping fit, “I do two laps of The Sidings in the morning and two laps in the afternoon. I think four laps is not much short of a mile so that’s the least that I do and when I think about it, I try to use the stairs as much as I can.”

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