Adlington Retirement Living homeowner, Joan, with Adam Tomlinson, General Manager at The Chimes

The Personal Touches That Make A Big Difference

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18th Dec Well-being

Listening is fundamental to delivering the best service we can to our homeowners.

When we first speak to prospective homeowners, our sales team members listen. They find out everything they can about their aspirations and needs so that we can support them throughout the process and provide personal touches.

Phil Holyoak, Senior Sales Manager at Adlington Retirement Living, said: “Our customers are so interesting. They have a lifetime’s worth of experience. I really enjoy talking with people, listening to them, and learning more about their fascinating lives.

“We really get to know customers as we support them through the purchase journey. It can be months from our first meeting right through to moving in. During this timeframe, we build a strong relationship as we support them every step of the way, from putting their property on the market, to liaising with their estate agent, organising solicitors and helping with removals.

“We know that in many cases they’ve gone through the upheaval of moving out of their family home where sometimes they’ve been for more than 30 years. To see them weeks later in one of our coffee lounges with a new friend, enjoying socialising, is fantastic. The change in them is incredible. They’re visibly brighter. Often you then meet their son or daughter, and they say their parents are ‘so happy now, compared to what they used to be’ and that’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

We also try to remove as much of the stress as possible for our homeowners on the moving day itself.

Joan, who moved to The Chimes with her husband Bill, recalls the day of her move: “We should have had lunch here. The day you move, you all go in and have a lovely lunch in the restaurant, but we were running late. Cheery Adam, our manager, said ‘Hello! A cup of tea or a double whiskey?’ those sorts of things make you feel so much better don’t they. He said ‘You haven’t had your lunch, so we’ll make you some sandwiches’. Well, they presented us with this amazing dish of sandwiches and salad. That sort of welcome was lovely. We sat in our apartment with these sandwiches, feeling like lords and ladies. It was absolutely lovely.”

In 2019 we launched our in-house management company, Adlington Management Services (AMS), so that we could ensure we provide a consistently outstanding service to our homeowners.

On-site and available 24hours a day, 365 days a year, our management teams are like a good neighbour. They’re the first port of call for any problems, large or small, and always go the extra mile to help out.

Pat and Michael, homeowners at The Woodlands, said: “The whole set up here is so well run. I just can’t believe how settled I feel now that we’re here. If I could have handpicked all the people who work here, they would be this team.”

“The staff are lovely and caring. I can’t speak too highly of them. They always ask if everything’s alright and if there’s anything we need. They’re all great.”

The peace of mind that comes with a move to a retirement community often extends to family members too.

When Edna and Philip moved to an Adlington Retirement Living community, their daughter Rachel said: “It feels safe. There’s somebody on duty 24 hours a day. It’s such a relief for us to know that there’s always somebody there. If Mum and Dad haven’t been down to the restaurant or nobody’s seen them within a 24hour period, they get a phone call to check they’re ok. It’s just such a comfort, knowing that they’re looked out for.”

Sharon Bossons, AMS Operations Manager, said: “The most important aspect of our job is the support we provide to homeowners. It’s our role to deliver the lifestyle that they expect when they move to an Adlington Retirement Living community.

“The best thing for me is having happy homeowners. I love the fact that I can walk into any of our retirement communities and feel a positive atmosphere and hear laughter and joy. That’s when I know we’ve got it right!”

Across our multi-award-winning portfolio, we have welcomed over 1,000 happy homeowners to our communities. In our last homeowner survey, 100% of respondents stated they would recommend living in an Adlington Retirement Living community to their friends or family.

If you’re ready to learn more about retirement communities, there are a few steps you can take: 

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