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How Private Is A Retirement Apartment?

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15th Feb Well-being

Privacy Within A Retirement Community

When in your retirement it should be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the time you always wished you had. A life stage when you have all the time you like to enjoy hobbies, travel, learn new things and spend time with loved ones, however, many retirees find that they are spending much more of their time than hoped working on the house or the garden, and much less time enjoying themselves.  

So why waste your time on boring jobs, like cleaning out the gutters on your old house, when there is so much more fun to get involved with?

For many people, the answer is because they haven’t considered the alternatives. They like living in their family home, and don’t want to change that. They couldn’t imagine living somewhere where they didn’t have their own space, and wouldn’t consider moving anywhere that didn’t maintain their privacy. 

These are fair concerns. It is important to maintain your own space throughout your life, none more so than when you have the most time to yourself that you’ve ever had. Adlington Retirement Living Communities are collections of self-contained, private apartments for people in their retirement. They give you the space to live the same private life you’ve always lived, but with support on site if you need it.  So, how is privacy within a retirement community? Homeowner Joan sums sit up perfectly.

Why Personal Space Is Important

Most of us enjoy our own space, but why?

It is a vital part of being independent. Some people have the misconception that living in a retirement community means becoming fully dependent on others.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Retirement communities like Adlington are a way for you to retain your independence for longer. 

However, privacy and having your own space isn’t the same thing as being on your own. There are a great many retirees in the UK who live in large, empty houses that they do not fully use or need. These people have a great deal of personal space, but they aren’t necessarily independent as a result of it. Rather, they may find themselves tied up working on maintaining the house and gardens, often at a cost to both their financial and personal well-being. 

Living alone can lead to loneliness; one of the risk factors to older peoples’ health in the UK – often caused by the isolation that staying in a house you struggle to maintain can lead to, which can negatively affect your health. 

Supported Communities In Retirement

All Adlington locations are supported retirement communities, made up of self-contained, private retirement apartments designed to fit with later life. You get your own front door, your own space and the same facilities that you’ve been used to at your previous home. However, you also get the advantages of living in a supported community. 

Each community has a general manager, as well as duty managers – so there is always someone on site 24/7 – whether you feel you need to use it or not. You also have communal facilities, such as a shared homeowners’ lounge, restaurant, exercise space and landscaped gardens. They also have chefs, cleaners, gardeners, handymen and more, so if you need, say, a lightbulb changing there is someone to help. Likewise, there is always another homeowner out and about in the shared spaces if you want someone to talk to. All of these shared facilities are optional – your space and your time are your own to do as you choose.  

Supported communities have the facilities and the staff for you to live an independent, private life in your own space.  And, if the time comes that you do need a little more help, you’re already in the right place.

How Can I Join An Adlington Community? 

We have communities growing across the country. See our full range of retirement communities in the Find A Home section, or if you already have an idea of the location that’s right for you, take a look at the apartments on offer.

If you’d like to find out more about a community, you can download a brochure, or even book a tour with our friendly sales team. Get in touch today. 

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