The Woodlands celebrates its one-year anniversary

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30th Mar Communities

Homeowners at The Woodlands held a party last week to celebrate the community’s one-year anniversary.

Since opening its doors last year, the new retirement community in Heaton Mersey has gone from strength to strength, welcoming more than 50 happy homeowners.

Margaret, who moved to The Woodlands in May 2022 with her husband John, said: “I was thinking of the future when we bought here, but actually we’re really enjoying the present. The people here are such good company. We have a great community. Everyone helps and supports each other, and we all get on very well.”

The anniversary party saw homeowners come together to enjoy a sparkling reception in the beautifully appointed restaurant and lounge, hosted by the on-site team from Adlington Management Services.

Bess, who moved there in June, said: “The first thing my son said when h    e came was it’s just like a five-star hotel, and my daughter said the same. It’s lovely! The staff are all really polite, helpful and genuine. I wish that I’d visited a retirement community five years earlier. I think if I’d have known how good life can be, I’d have moved years ago.

“We all get on so well. I do quite a few of the activities here. I take part in keep fit twice a week. We have coffee mornings, we have card games, I’m in the book club. It’s lovely. I’ve definitely got a better social life now than I had before. It’s brilliant.”

Since their move, the combination of a supportive team and lovely neighbours has made a real difference to Pat and Michael, who moved there in August. Pat said: “The whole set up here is so well run. I just can’t believe how settled I feel now that we’re here. If I could have handpicked all the people who work here, they would be this team.”

Michael added: “The staff are lovely and caring. I can’t speak too highly of them.”

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