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4th Jun General

Eddie and Mabel love walking in the great outdoors. They wanted less hilly terrain to explore, a beautiful view, lovely gardens and more free time to enjoy them all.

“Since we moved here, we can walk straight out onto the canal footpath. We walked to one of our daughters’ houses the other day. Two of our daughters are just a few minutes’ walk away and it’s nice that we can walk to them, or they can come to us. All our daughters and sons-in-law have been to visit us and we have four grandchildren now and they all come here as well.”

Nigel moved to Jacobs Gate at the end of 2020. His children, Maria and David, wanted to make sure he would be happy in his new apartment, having previously lived in their family home in Brentwood for 50 years.

Sheffield retirement apartments

Maria comments, “When we visited, we thought ‘oh my goodness this is just absolutely amazing!’ so we arranged for Dad to come up and have a look with my brother. Dad had only just walked through the door when he asked ‘where do I sign?’ It just seemed ideal.

“I think it’s just marvellous. The whole ethos and the feeling behind the place. All the staff are lovely, we’ve not met anybody who isn’t. I don’t know what the ethos is – I’ve never seen it written down – but you can just feel it. It’s a really good combination of high-quality standards and caring people. We are so thrilled Dad is living here, it’s just the right place for him and we are excited for his future.

“The gardens are so lovely here and the upkeep of them is gorgeous. The landscaping here is infinitely nicer than anything we’ve seen elsewhere. The variety of plants in the garden and the space outside looks very appealing. It’s a real sun trap too.

“Dad and the other homeowners have been able to go and sit outside for coffee. When he lived at his old house he would never sit in the garden. He’d do work in the garden, but he’d never sit out and have a coffee or his meal out there, but he’s been sitting outside all the time here. You ring up and he’s not in. He’s outside chatting with the ladies in the garden!”

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