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Design With Community In Mind

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9th Feb Business

Design With Community In Mind

Adlington Retirement Living is unusual in that we design, build and operate our own retirement communities, and we always design with community in mind. Our in-house team includes experts from land acquisition, planning, architectural and technical design, procurement, construction, sales and marketing, community operations and our resale agency.

Every area of the business is united by a common approach – thinking from the perspective of our homeowners and focusing on how best to create a thriving community that they will enjoy.

Matthew Rowe, Architectural Manager at Adlington Retirement Living, said: “It’s important to always have our homeowners at the forefront of our thinking. Our aim is to create beautiful individual apartments and well-designed buildings that facilitate an active community. We want our homeowners to enjoy their retirement, make new friends, and share the communal spaces with their families for a long time to come.

“I enjoy designing the internal communal spaces to ensure our communities are social and interactive, providing our homeowners with a healthy and vibrant place to live.

“For me, the most enjoyable element of my role is being able to see a finished building come to life, something that was once a design on a piece of paper or a 3D model. Being able to walk around the spaces and see homeowners enjoying them gives me an amazing sense of achievement.”

Our homeowners often tell us how uplifting, liberating and life-enhancing moving to one of our retirement communities has been. The design of our buildings plays an important role in this, from the surprisingly spacious apartments to the outstanding on-site facilities and gardens that become an extension of each homeowner’s own home.

Philip, who moved to The Sailings with his wife Edna in 2021, said: “The first thing that we liked was how much room there was. It was much more spacious than we thought it would be. We chose a three-bedroomed apartment so I can use one of those bedrooms as an office.”

Their daughter Rachel added: “I like the restaurant, the gardens, the fact that the apartment has a balcony so they can sit outside and have some pot plants, the location, the fact that it’s brand new, so it doesn’t need any decorating. It’s just ideal.”

Having everything under one roof can be particularly helpful during the winter months when it’s cold and dark.

Anne, a homeowner at Jacobs Gate, said: “Just along the corridor from me is the activities room with all the mats ready for pilates and other classes. It’s much easier to have them in the same building, without having to make a big effort to get out by car.”

Bess, who moved to The Woodlands in June 2022, said: “My new apartment is the perfect size for me. It’s lovely. I’ve got the best of both worlds because I’ve also got all the communal areas to enjoy. As well as the homeowners’ lounge, the coffee bar and the restaurant, we have a therapy suite and a hair salon. I’ve had reflexology and I had my nails done last week, which was super. This Friday I’m having a facial.

“I think a lot of people don’t understand what retirement living communities are like. The first thing my son said when he came was that it’s just like a five-star hotel, and my daughter said the same. It’s lovely! The staff are all really polite, helpful and genuine. I wish that I’d visited a retirement community five years earlier. I think if I’d have known how good life can be, I’d have moved here years ago.”

There are many benefits to living within a retirement community. Find out more about the lifestyle on offer or you can request a brochure using the button at the top of this page.

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