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“Grandad’s Five Star hotel.”

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3rd Jun General

When Jim decided to sell his seven-bedroom house in Freshfield, his daughters wanted to help him find an apartment nearby that would be ideal for family visits, wining and dining and working from home.

“I’m looking forward to having all of my children and grandchildren come for a meal in the restaurant here at The Sailings. I would be delighted to take them all for dinner at their Grandad’s Five Star hotel. That’s what we refer to it as! The whole operation here is wonderful.”

Audrey wanted a fresh start in a new apartment and a friendly community. She’s now looking forward to spending time in the homeowners’ lounge and coffee lounge, getting involved in some activities and celebrating her birthday next month.

“There’s a lady here who goes to the same club as me in Romiley – the Civic Club. We talk, play games, do jigsaws and things like that. I’ve seen there’s a jigsaw table in the homeowners’ lounge. There’s quite a bit to do here. They’re asking us what we like to do. I like knitting, sewing, flower arranging and we’re going to get some of those activities going now. They’re on the ball here, they’re a very nice lot.

The Folds Romiley retirement apartments

“I’m 84 next month and we’re going to have a little celebration. My daughter lives in North Yorkshire now so she’s going to come and stay in the guest suite here and we’re going out for a meal.”

Having moved home to The Bridges in Macclesfield, Eddie and Mabel have been enjoying entertaining in their new home.

“We’ve eaten in the restaurant several times, either when we’ve had people over for lunch or just the two of us. We’ve had our old neighbours over for lunch and we’ve got two friends coming over for coffee this afternoon. We’ve had a couple of drinks with our next-door neighbours too. Everyone here is very friendly and very nice.

“I feel like a lady of leisure really – being waited on and not having to do a lot. We’ve got so much more leisure time to do what we want to do.

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