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17th Aug General

At Adlington Retirement Living, community is at the heart of everything we do from the initial design and build of our developments through to the way we operate them, building relationships with local groups and small businesses.

We know that many of our Homeowners are either already part of the local community and are keen to maintain their friendships and social life, or they may be looking for a welcoming new circle of friends and social activities that they can dip into as much or as little as they want to.

With that in mind, we choose picturesque locations offering magnificent views, close to thriving market towns with the convenience of a nearby bustling town centre, always with a friendly atmosphere.

Romiley Stockport retirement apartments

Hannah Douglas was ready to move from her four bedroom house in Romiley but still wanted to enjoy living in the heart of the local community. 

“I’ve lived in Romiley for 65 years. I’ve always enjoyed it here. It’s always been a nice, friendly place.”

When Geoffrey died 24 years ago, Hannah continued to live in the family home but recently felt that it was time to move.

“Seeing as it had four bedrooms, it was a bit too big for me. I knew I had to make a decision sometime, so when I thought about the possibility of coming to The Folds, carrying on living here in Romiley and still meeting all my friends, well, what could be better!”

As a family run company with 30 years’ experience in the development industry, Adlington Retirement Living’s aim is to promote an environment that preserves independence and enhances the lifestyle of discerning homeowners.

Many of the apartments are available with their own private patio or balcony and the beautiful, landscaped gardens offer quiet corners, a summer house and relaxing spaces to watch the world go by.

“I enjoy being independent and getting out and about, so The Folds is perfect for me and it’s nicely situated. I don’t need to do any gardening, which is heaven. I also have a balcony with a chair and table on it and when it’s fine and warm, I can sit up there. It’s lovely!”

Being at the heart of the local community is important to Hannah and was one of the main reasons that The Folds appealed to her.

“Romiley has quite a lot of history and it’s not too big to get to know people and to have friends. Once this lockdown situation is over, my friends will be able to come here to visit me. Some of my friends I’ve known since I moved here 65 years ago. I think that shows you the kind of community we have here. People don’t move away unless they have to.”

The Adlington team are committed to creating safe and secure environments, without compromising style and elegance. These new, high-end, developments offer Homeowners the privacy of their own peaceful and spacious apartment, with the option of spending time in the gardens (which are maintained by an expert team of gardeners), relaxing in the hair dressing salon, therapy room or lounge and enjoying the table service restaurant, which also offers an outdoor dining terrace.

Alexandra Johnson explains: “We aim to provide a community spirit, whilst promoting independence and individual respect. Moving into an Adlington Retirement Living apartment is far more than just moving into a new home. It’s a chance to become part of a thriving group of like-minded people, with a shared outlook. Our communities provide a safe, secure and happy environment with a circle of friends and a sense of belonging.”

Having lost her husband in January, Audrey Davey wanted a fresh start in a new apartment with a friendly community. 

“The best thing I did was move. I love it here. Since I’ve moved up here, I can look out on the garden or go out in it and its beautiful. My daughter has arranged for somebody to come and do my shopping for me. All the girls here at The Folds have told me if I need anything at all, I’ve only got to say. In fact, during lockdown, we had freshly cooked meals delivered to our front doors.” 

Now Audrey is looking forward to spending time in the Homeowners’ Lounge and Coffee Lounge, getting involved in some activities and celebrating her birthday next month.

“There’s a lady here who goes to the same club as me in Romiley – the Civic Club. We talk, play games, do jigsaws and things like that. I’ve seen there’s a jigsaw table in the Homeowners’ lounge. There’s quite a bit to do here. I like knitting, sewing, flower arranging and we’re going to get some of those activities going now. They’re on the ball here, they’re a very nice lot.

“I’m 84 next month and we’re going to have a little celebration. My daughter lives in North Yorkshire now so she’s going to come and stay in the guest suite here and we’re going out for a meal.

“I’ve felt a lot better in myself since I’ve been here. My apartment’s gorgeous. It’s the best thing I’ve done because I can talk to people, I can get out, I can go for a walk around the garden if I want to. If I was going to give anybody thinking about moving to The Folds any advice, I’d say do it!”

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