June in the garden

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26th Jun Lifestyle

Let’s party

As the gentle warmth of summer beckons, there’s no better time to embrace the great outdoors. And what better way to celebrate the season’s splendour than by hosting a get-together in the garden with family and friends.

Select a theme or colour scheme to guide your decorations and menu.

Opt for seasonal blooms and vibrant table linens to create a summery atmosphere. For added charm, incorporate string lights or lanterns.

Plan your menu

Prioritise fresh, seasonal ingredients and light, delicious dishes that complement the warm weather. Don’t forget refreshing beverages like iced tea, or fruity cocktails.

Set the mood with background music and activities

Set up lawn games or a DIY flower crown making station to entertain guests of all ages. Arrange a playlist of music to raise spirits and encourage some dancing.

Plan for the weather

Add a gazebo into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a failsafe plan. Come rain or shine, you’ll be able to carry on with your festivities, maintaining that British spirit in the event of any unexpected showers.

In the garden with the little ones

Children are curious beings so easy-to-sow seeds and fast bloomers are sure to make them smile. Poppies and cornflowers sprout quickly and self-seed for next year, and they also look lovely displayed in small vases. Watching sweet peas scale walls and fences is a fun race, as are the nodding heads of sunflowers celebrating the tallest winner.


Looking after a gardens is a British pastime and many of our homeowners tell us how much they appreciate spending time outdoors. We’ve looked at how you can continue enjoying a garden in alter life, in this feature.

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