Adlington House, Urmston just keeeeeep dancing!

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22nd Feb Communities

For Adlington homeowner, George Monks, the key to a happy retirement is to just keep dancing, even at the grand age of 90!

George has always had a unique passion for modern and sequence dancing, and has been keeping his dance shoes polished for 75 years – and he isn’t showing signs that he’ll be putting them down any time soon! There is no doubt the 2 hour long sequence classes he attends three times a week keep him fit and young at heart.

Having recently moved to the luxury Adlington House development on Moorside Road, Mr Monks joined several other homeowners and special guests, at a recent Tea Dance held within the stylish development and took to the dance floor alongside award winning dancers from the Jane Jarvis Dance Studio, for an evening of fun and entertainment.

Phil Holyoak from Adlington says ‘’It was wonderful to bring some of our new homeowners and guests together to enjoy the dancing and give them the opportunity to learn a few new steps and make new friends.

The highlight of the night was Mr Monks taking his lifetime of experience to the floor with a show-stopping Foxtrot and whisking around one of the North West Area Champions, Charlotte Capper. He definitely stole the show and enjoyed the opportunity to relive his youth!”

Mr Monks says ‘’I really enjoyed the evening, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the young dancers do a Gavotte! It’s fantastic to see there’s still an interest in ballroom dancing in the younger generation’’

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