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15th Aug Communities

Embrace the safety and security of retirement living

We can all feel weighed down from time to time. Whether that’s the never-ending ‘to-do list’ of maintenance jobs around the house and garden or having concerns about our safety and security. When you move to an Adlington Retirement Living community, you can cast off your worries and enjoy a way of life that brings people together to enjoy good company and good times.

Feel more relaxed at home

Concerns about safety and security were an important factor in Joan and Bill’s decision to move to an Adlington Retirement Living community.
Joan said: “We had a bout of burglaries in our area, and that becomes a big worry when you’re elderly. We found that we were wondering if we should answer the door if the doorbell rang late in the evening, little niggling things like that.” Our retirement communities use a secure fob – activated system for homeowners and on-site team to gain access to the building and each apartment has a video screen doorbell so you can see who’s calling at the front door.

Margaret and John, homeowners, have also been impressed with the added peace of mind provided since moving. Margaret said: “I do love the safety aspect here. I feel very safe. In fact, when we first moved here, I started to sleep a lot better.”

Lock up and leave when you go on holiday

It’s also reassuring to know that your home will be well-looked-after even when you’re away on holiday.

Margaret said: “We love travelling so the ability to lock up and leave our apartment, and not have to worry about an empty property is another benefit.”

Joan and Bill’s daughter lives in New York, their first son lives in France and their younger son lives in Melbourne in Australia.

Joan said: “We have a rather unusual situation in that our three children all live abroad. The joy is, we go over there for five weeks, so it’s really lovely.

“The fact that we were going away a lot was a big consideration in our decision to move. The house was locked up and we always had that little worry that it would be broken into while we were away but in this situation, we know that it is being looked after and if we want something doing, such as the flowers watering or if we’ve forgotten to switch something off, we can ring our lovely management team and ask them to pop in.”

Enjoy peace of mind with a friendly team and support network

The combination of a friendly on-site team and supportive, like-minded neighbours can make a world of difference.

Pat, who moved to The Woodlands in Heaton Mersey with her husband Michael, said: “The whole set up here is so well run. I just can’t believe how settled I feel now that we’re here. If I could have handpicked all the people who work here, they would be this team. Our neighbours are all lovely too. I can’t believe how lucky we are.”

Future-proof your retirement

More homeowners are deciding to move to a retirement community whilst they are relatively young, to future-proof their later life. That was the case for John and Margaret.
John said: “We have alarm systems that you can press if you get into difficulty. I accidentally set one off, you don’t hear anything because it’s a silent alarm but within two or three minutes somebody was at the front door to make sure everything was ok. So, the system is first class.”

“It’s good that we know we have everything in place for the future. I do think a lot of people go into old age thinking that they’re going to be exactly the same as they were. The fact is something will go wrong at some point.” In addition to the pendants that are provided to all homeowners, emergency fall buttons are installed in all shower rooms and at key locations around the building, alerting the 24-hour on-site team if any assistance is required. You can also opt for a daily call from the team.

No home maintenance worries

When choosing The Woodlands, Pam and Mike were impressed with the quality of the apartments and the facilities.

Mike said: “In general, this was head and shoulders above the other retirement communities we looked at in quality and design. It’s just superior in every way.
“I think one of the perceptions of retirement living communities is that the service charge is expensive. There’s a tendency to look at it in isolation as a charge that you didn’t pay before, but when you sit down and work out all the different services that you paid for at home, it’s actually not bad.”

Pam said: “I had a gardener and a cleaner before I moved.”

Mike said: “Here the service charge covers both of those^ and building maintenance, buildings insurance, water utilities. Obviously the whole idea of this type of independent living is the fact that you don’t have to worry. You’re not picking the phone up every five minutes to organise things.”

^Cleaning of the communal areas.

Our expert gardening team maintain the landscaped gardens all-year round.

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