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25th Jan General

According to the British poet Dame Edith Sitwell, ‘Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.’

During the winter months we appreciate warmth, safety and the support of those around us more than ever, and you’ll find it in abundance with Adlington Retirement Living. Our communities offer a safe, secure and happy environment with a circle of friends and a sense of belonging.

“The whole ambience and welcoming feeling of the place was marvellous. The day I moved in I sat out on my balcony and thought this is absolute bliss – and I have never stopped thinking that.” Joyce, The Chimes in Cheadle Village

Retirement community

Friendly faces right outside your own front door

There’s a thriving community offering new friendships, social occasions and safe activities on your doorstep that you can dip into whenever the mood takes you.

“I take great pleasure in introducing myself and meeting the other Homeowners. There’s a mixture of very interesting people including one or two retired headmasters and a whole range of people, all very interesting to talk to.” Jim, The Sailings in Southport

“It’s better for both of us here. We’ve made friends already. We should have moved years ago.” Husband and wife, John and Jean

And when you want to spend some quiet time in your own company, you have a beautiful, self-contained apartment that you can retreat to.

“You can stay in your apartment and do nothing if you want to or you can go out and meet people. I don’t go to the Homeowners’ Lounge every day. If I’m busy and I’ve got something to do I’m here in my apartment but if I’m free and feel like a bit of company, it’s good.” New Homeowner, Rona

Our Homeowners also have the option of relaxing in the hair salon, therapy room, coffee lounge and enjoying the table service restaurant.

Alexandra Johnson, Sales and Marketing Director for Adlington Retirement Living, explains: “We aim to promote a warm and welcoming environment that preserves independence and enhances the lifestyle of discerning homeowners.”

Southport retirement flats community apartments

Stunning views, outdoor spaces and fresh air

Many of our apartments are available with their own private patio or balcony and all of our developments have beautiful, landscaped gardens offering quiet corners, a summer house, and relaxing spaces to watch the world go by.

“I feel like a lady of leisure really – being waited on and not having to do a lot. We’ve got so much more leisure time to do what we want to do.” Mabel, The Bridges in Macclesfield

The extensive, leafy gardens are maintained by an expert team of gardeners, so you no longer have to worry about maintenance or mowing.

“I don’t need to do any gardening, which is heaven. I also have a balcony with a chair and table on it and when it’s fine and warm, I can sit up there. It’s lovely!” Hannah, The Folds in Romiley

Carpets, fires and comfort

There’s no better feeling than being warm and cosy in your own home when it’s cold and dark outside. With that in mind, all our apartments have a feature fireplace with integrated fire and are fitted with high quality, hardwearing 80% wool carpets that reduce heat loss and add a touch of luxury.

All of our developments are packed with energy-efficient features to help reduce Homeowners’ bills, such as full thermal insulation, double-glazing and cost-effective heating.

Our apartments have been designed to make everyday life easier, safer and more comfortable. The fitted kitchens come with integrated appliances, every apartment has a user-friendly layout, there are spacious storage cupboards and the specially designed wet rooms combine practicality with style.

Looking out for each other

They say that ‘one kind word can warm three winter months’.

In recent times many of our Homeowners have told us how much it has helped to have such a strong sense of community and a friendly management team on site to provide advice, assistance and moral support.

“All the girls here have told me if I need anything at all, I’ve only got to say. Moving here is the best thing I’ve done because I can talk to people, I can get out and about or go for a walk around the garden if I want to. I love it here.” Audrey, The Folds

Alexandra Johnson explains: “During the lockdowns, our on-site teams have showed their team spirit, working together and going the extra mile to look after our Homeowners. Although our elegant restaurants had to temporarily close for a period of time, our catering teams offered the same high standard of freshly-prepared, delicious lunchtime meals and delivered them directly to our Homeowners’ front doors, always maintaining social distancing and sanitising trays between deliveries. Our team members went shopping and collected prescriptions for our Homeowners and we created ‘pop-up shops’ at each development to provide a safe and easy way to pick up everyday essentials.”

“It’s been nice to have the company of the staff and they’ve taken care of all my needs, even doing some shopping. It’s given my son peace of mind too, as he lives in Yorkshire.” Doris, The Cottons in Ramsbottom

Many of our Homeowners chatted to each other from their private balconies and patios and our management teams managed to encourage community spirit whilst adhering to social distancing measures.

“It’s much better here than it would have been in our previous home in lockdown. We have these beautiful gardens to walk around and to admire. We’re very happy here.” John and Marcia, The Cottons

Shot of an elderly woman and her daughter having a chat over coffee on the sofa at home

A smart approach to care

One of the aspects that appeals to many of our Homeowners is the fact that optional, additional care is available as and when it is needed, for as long as it is needed. So, if you have an accident and need some additional support for a short time, it’s available, or if you need more long-term support, that’s available too.

“Having experienced how my husband went downhill so quickly, I looked into the care options when I chose to move here. It was very important to me that I can move in now, when I don’t need any care or additional support, but it’s available if there is a time when I need that.” Joyce, The Chimes

Alexandra Johnson explains: “We offer a personal approach to care to ensure that you receive just the right amount to maintain your independence, allowing you to enjoy your retirement to the full.

“Whatever your needs, the 24-hour on-site staff are there to look out for your wellbeing, and arrange tailored personal care, if required – all of which enables you to maintain your quality of life. It’s completely flexible, so should you find that your requirements change in the future, the discreet care team will be able to accommodate and support you.”

Our Homeowners have access to round-the-clock support from a dedicated team, 365 days a year. All apartments are fitted with a 24-hour emergency call system linked directly to the on-site team. The sophisticated emergency call system not only covers each private apartment but the entire building and gardens, for added peace of mind.

“I suffer with Meniere’s disease, which is vertigo, and I go dizzy. When it happens, I just don’t like being on my own. I’ve had to press my alarm button twice since I moved in. The two occasions were both in the daytime when I had one of these severe attacks of vertigo and needed help. Karen (the general manager at The Sailings) came straight away, which was great, so I feel really safe here.” Edna, The Sailings

A significant number of retired doctors have chosen an Adlington Retirement Living apartment for their own future, illustrating the high regard in which our concept is held by health professionals. In fact, at one of our recent developments 13 retired doctors each bought an apartment.

Pet friendly retirement community UK

A warm welcome for pets too

We know that animals are often part of the family, so we’re always happy to welcome well-behaved pets to our retirement communities.

The companionship pets provide is invaluable and can have a really positive impact on our Homeowners’ lives, from increasing levels of physical activity and social interaction to reducing stress and improving mental health and wellbeing.

“Ah, she’s gorgeous. I love her to pieces. Having the dog, it helps a little bit. It gives you a bit of comfort, you know. And the staff and everybody, they are wonderful. They’re lovely, every single one.” Alice and her dog Luna, The Chimes

Award-winning retirement living

Our innovative apartments and retirement communities don’t just win over Homeowners and their families; they also win the recognition of our industry peers.

Four of our communities have won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for the Best Retirement Development in the UK at the WhatHouse? Awards, the UK housebuilding’s most prestigious event. The Folds in Romiley won the Silver Award in 2020, as did The Bridges in Macclesfield in 2019, Adlington House in Otley won the Gold Award in 2017 and Adlington House in Portishead won the Bronze Award in 2015.

Alexandra Johnson explains: “This is the largest national awards event that celebrates the highest standards and the best new homes in the country. The judges recognised both our spacious, superbly appointed apartments and our unique approach to independent living, praising the personal approach of our team and the fact that our Homeowners don’t have to compromise on their independence, privacy and social life.”

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